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Review the challenges and barriers to applying information and communication technology (ICT) in education management


Received: 10 October 2020
Accepted: 19 November 2020
Published: 17 December 2020

Nemat Ghasemi, Zainab Noroozi, Zahra AliMadad, Aazam Rezaii

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In this study, which examines the barriers to using information and communication technology ICT in education directors were paid the city of Ilam nine variables (leadership and management, control, discipline, bureaucratic complexities, possible participation of management, training, expertise in using those of IT, organization, structure) were identified based on three components factor analysis structure, education, organizational management, human resources, the nine variables were extracted. Descriptive survey research methods and statistical community managers studied elementary education sections, tips, working in the school year 86-85 school has been using sampling classify samples were also collected information from questionnaires used to were performed. Analysis in the area of descriptive statistics of frequency distribution tables, percentage, cumulative percentage, mean, standard deviation, and charts were used and inferential statistics in paired T-test (dependent) and factor analysis was used to test difference scores. Questionnaires for analysis by SPSS were used. Results of factor analysis component first question about the use of information and communication technology, IT managers and ICT in education, according to Table 23-4, only three components of a high capability to describe the total variance of variables that have a total of 4 / 75 percent of total variance they explain. The first component of 97/38 percent, 49/18 percent and the second component of the third component of the 94/17 percent are allocated to the following order 1 - 2 educational structure - Corporate 3 Human Resource Management.

Keywords: barriers - making work - Information and communications technology (ICT) - Training Managers.

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Journal of Practical Information Technology
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