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Efficient Service Discovery Using NDN In Microservice Architecture


Received: 24 April 2021
Revised: 26 May 2021
Accepted: 27 June 2021

Maryam Eslahi, Dr Reza Azmi

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The Micro-service architecture (MSA) has become a dominant architectural style choice in the service oriented software industry. This architectural style enables better application performance, flexibility, and ease of deployment. In MSA, services need to know the location of other services to communicate. Addressing this issue needs a process called service discovery. Most of current solutions, discover service base on their IP address. But continuous location changes of services make service discovery a challenge in this regard. In this paper, information centric networking concept is used as an alternative for current IPbased service discovery and powerful forwarding strategy has been used for better performance response.

Keywords: Microservice Architecture; Service Discovery; Named Data Networking; ICN.


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