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The study effect of Information Technology and Communication on Total Quality Management in the Islamic Azad University of "Bonab"


Received: 20 October 2021
Revised: 21 November 2021
Accepted: 19 December 2021

Aram Mohebinia, Norooz Isadpanah

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In recent years, Total Quality Management (TQM) has received worldwide attention and is being adopted in many industries, particularly in developed economies. The purpose of this study is the Study effect of Information Technology and Communication on Total Quality Management in Bonab university and specifically which of the components of Information Technology can increase Total quality Management in the Bonab university. Questionnaire has been used for this purpose. The statistical population of the study included all 65 teachers of Islamic azad university of Bonab in east Azerbaijan province. The number of the statistical sample was calculated through Cochrane equation to be 54 and the sample were selected by random sampling. Descriptive statistical methods and statistical techniques is used to test hypothezis For data analysis, Pearson correlation and regression analysis were used. The results showed an average rate of acceptance of the principles of total quality management and information technology in the Bonab university. Correlation coefficient showed a significant relationship with information technology and component of total quality management. The results of Regression analysis with simultaneous showed that in Aspects of information technology, systems automating administrative activities at the highest coefficient is expected to total quality management (Beta=0.298). Increase in Quality without access to fast and accurate information is impossible. And the need to equip these organizations to bring information technology to enhance the service quality and this note confirms this study result.

Keywords: Information Technology and Communications, Total Quality management, TQM, University.

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