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Technological Factors Affecting Computer Aided Learning Among Students Attending Kenya Medical Training College Nairobi Campus


Received: 20 October 2021
Revised: 21 November 2021
Accepted: 19 December 2021


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Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) is a method of acquiring knowledge using electronic media which is gained using electronic media which is gaining recognition among students. This requires access to computers and considerable awareness on information technology. Previous empirical studies have underscored the important roles of instructional materials in the classroom studies. The objective of this study was to determine technological factors affecting computer aided learning programs among students attending Kenya Medical Training College, Nairobi campus. This study was an analytical study, the target population was 4,490 KMTC Nairobi Campus students. The study utilized structured questionnaires for 263 respondents, analysis was done through SPSS, Ms Excel and Ms Word software’s with univariate, bivariate and thematic statistics being utilized. Data presentation was in form of descriptive statistics: pie charts, percentages, bar charts and tables. One half of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that there was: lack of computer laboratories; inadequate number of computers; lack of access to computers; and insufficient pre-service training on CAL Females were more likely to have positive responses compared to males (72.3% versus 49.9%). Access point was also associated with perception (p = 0.005). Accessing computers in the computer lab was associated with higher Likert scale responses. Seventy percent of participants reported that they had other electronic devices in college. About (59.9%) participants reported that teachers used electronic devices to aid teaching on a weekly basis. In the face of all the challenges that the students faced with reputes to access in CAL, the students agreed that CAL made learning easy as students could access information online by a click of a button. KMTC should expand internet connection access points and computers, from the conventional computer laboratories to class rooms and the institutional accommodation areas and provide more training courses to lecturers on CAL and make it a requirement to anyone who wants to become a lecture at KMTC.

Keywords: Computer Assisted Instructions, Based Instructional System, Computer Technology, Time-shared Interactive Computer-Controlled Information Television, Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching operations.

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